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What is a Companion

A companion is a well educated, highly skilled and socially respected courtesan. She (or he) is similar to the geisha and Italian courtesans of Earth-That-Was, artistically refined while also engaging in legalized prostitution. Companions are considered to be among society's most elite, and garner a great deal of respect. Girls and boys as young as twelve may begin training, which includes a well-rounded education and years of physical discipline, religious study, and the arts. They are taught dance, martial arts, calligraphy, how to play musical instruments, and singing. The children undergo rigorous testing on all subjects, and those who fail are sent back to their homes. They are taught the art of love play only upon successful completion of their schooling.

When dealing with a Companion, that person is the center of the world, and are made to feel as such. Companions are incredible listeners, and have an affinity for making others feel they have been heard. The primary goal of a Companion, whether on duty or not, is to make those around them, especially their client, feel important, liked and respected. To make them feel special.

What Do They Do Besides It

People often think hiring a Companion means paying IC credits to TS. Certainly, sometimes, that might be the case (or depending on the players involved, it might be FTB love making). But other times, there's no sex involved at all. There's so much more to Companioning. Even the name, is Companion, not SexPartner. Being with a Companion is about comraderie, being open and trustful to someone who's sole job is to be the person you can be open and trustful with, with no repercussions or baggage or judgement. It's about comfort, compassion, relaxation, confession, therapy... It's about a lot of things, that are NOT sex.

Many Companion encounters are not about sex at all. Perhaps a client is seeking information about business. They may hire a Companion to teach them a new language. Music lessons are not unheard of, nor are art lessons. Sometimes a Companion might be hired just simply to be seen with the person, on the arm of a Noble at a grand ball, or sitting at a bar to bring attention to the new establishment. It may even be a matter of needing someone to play a refined piano piece in a reception hall for mingling dignitaries.

Becoming a Client

The first step to becoming a Companion's client is to register. A character must travel to Persephone, to the Companion House Daska. In the lobby, there is a registration device. To register, it costs 100 credits, and instructions to do so can be found by looking at the device. Once paid, the character is on the list of active clients, and may then use +client commands to request a Companion's company. This is a yearly fee, that only grants the privilege of becoming a registered client. It is not the money paid to actually be with a Companion.

Once registered, a character may then use the +client commands to place a request for a Companion. Companion prices are set by the Companions themselves. Staff has set out a guideline that Companions in this game generally charge between 75 and 150 credits, depending on the service provided, their availability and various other factors. While that is a guideline, Companions can charge whatever they'd like. Some clients will also tip extra above the stated price for a service, some won't.

This price can be negotiated with a Companion on both an IC and OOC level, if the players involved agree. After discussion, Companions will often happily role play an agreed fee and payment of 150 credits, but OOC will actually take a smaller amount of coded credits to accommodate a new client character who perhaps does not have enough money yet. Talk to your Companion if coded credits are an issue, as most agree the role play aspect is more important than the coded money. Please respect that this is how Companion characters get their credits, however, and do not abuse their generosity and OOC understanding.

Rostered Companions (Currently active *)

Kassandrah High Priestess Sihnon House Madrassa
Isabel* Priestess Sihnon House Madrassa
Katarina Priestess Persephone House Daska
A'isha Teacher Persephone House Daska
Helena* Companion Persephone House Daska
Malachi Companion Persephone House Daska
Summer Companion Persephone House Daska
Moira* Acolyte Persephone House Daska
Fenton* Acolyte Sihnon House Madrassa
Amena* Companion Sihnon House Madrassa
Elena Romero Companion Sihnon House Madrassa
Gavin* Companion Sihnon House Madrassa
Katryna* Companion Sihnon House Madrassa
Molly Companion Sihnon House Madrassa
Ryan* Companion Sihnon House Madrassa

Current Companion Info

Isabel Elizabeth D'Gaeri
Specialty: Violin,Art,Sign Language
Location: House Madrassa
Profile: Isabel is a priestess at House Madrassa. Mostly she attends to students and the needs of working companions but will take clients of her own on occasion. Especially those that require someone fluent in Sign language.
Moira Aine Macallan
Specialty: Hospice and Medical Care, Languages, Music, Tutoring
Location: House Daska
Profile: Moira has grown exceptionally picky over the years, selecting her clients with great care. Though she still will accept contracts which pique her interest, her current work with the Guild is more often spent teaching young Companions and helping to manage the day-to-day operations of House Daska.  ???
Helena Byrne
Specialty: Dancing, Piano, Archery
Location: Persephone, Aces & Eights
Profile: She is a picture of elegance and grace, waiting for some gentlemen to write her name on his dance card. With skills in the pleasurable arts as well as massage, piano, dancing, tea making and archery, she is content for whatever the client may wish to ask for. Whether it be a walk in the park, a weekend at a resort, or an escort for a ball.
Fenton C. Godfrey
Specialty: Cello, Mysticism
Location: House Madrassa
Profile: A young male Companion, having studied on Sihnon, serving both female and male clients as the occasion befits. His learning leans more towards mysticism, frequently asked to do palmistry.
Ryan Arboure
Specialty: ???
Location: House Madrassa
Profile:  ???
Katryna Dresvyanov
Specialty: ???
Location: Catalyst
Profile:  ???

Echoes from The Black - Episode 3: Courtesans of the 'Verse

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