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==Cybernetics in the Verse==
Cybernetics in the verse are varied and manifold. By and large, anything except the human brain can be cybernetically created. In terms of SerenityMUSH however, it can only replace what actually exists. To explain this: No cybernetic does more than the regular human organ would be capable of doing. That said, cyberware is frequently considered the poor man's cloning and the costs of replacing a body part reflect this, albeit it is still expensive. Organs, by necessity and complexity, are more expensive to purchase than straight muscles, tendons or limbs. The technology combines synthetic myo-fibres, also used in hydrolic bio-suits such as the Alliance Peacekeeper armor, with macro-cellular technologies. Micro-cellular technology is very limited, which is what makes organ creation with cyberware as expensive as it is; there simply aren't that many companies that have the license (or the desire to share) to create the necessary nanotech programming required for replication of specific cell tissues. It can look like a liver and feel like a liver, but without the necessary programming, it won't function like a liver! Not only that, but by the nature of the process, cybernetic implantation has to be genetically coded to the individual, so where the organs and body parts could be harvested and inspected on the black market to create cheaper replicants, there is a good chance if you were to go to the black marked for 'cheaper' goods, you might have some issues with malfunction. Not that this is necessarily a bad thing, RP-wise...

Like all designer healthcare products, multiple models are available to suit the needs -- and more often, the budgets -- of those seeking cybernetics. From skintone-matching realness and texture to the more exotic semitransparent mesh that makes of you a twenty-sixth century clockwork man, external cybernetics offer aesthetic customization in addition to the slight variance in biosensory deliverance determined by the sophistication of the product used.

Also, to note, there is less risk of tissue rejection with cybernetics, which is another consideration as to why it is chosen transplant surgery for those that cannot afford cloning. It is still however, necessary to monitor grafts and replacements for at least a week after surgery, to prevent cyber-rejection syndrome (similar to organ rejection) and other psycho-social problems involved with becoming "less human."


Provided you can find an IC doctor able to work with cybernetics, or gain staff approval, below are the general costs for cybernetic replacements of body parts. Payment for cybernetic parts should be deposited into the alliance org.

    • Ear or eye -- 10,000 credits
    • Cosmetic replacement (Nose for example) -- 1000 credits
    • Limb -- 5000 credits
    • Organ (Heart, lungs, stomach, liver) -- 10,000 credits
    • Tendons, specific muscles, skin -- 2000-5000 credits


Any and ALL cybernetics require staff approval. Anything beyond what a human organ or muscle could do, requires staff approval. When in doubt, contact staff.