Edison Trent

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Edison Trent
Full name Edison Allen Trent
Date of Birth 9 July, 2509
Birthplace Londinium
Parents Lord Horace William Trent II
  • Daiyu Li-Ling (Privately Contracted Companion)
Siblings None
Spouse Unwed
Specialization Dirty Deeds (Aka 'Public Relations')
Gender Male
Eyes and Hair Blue, Brown
Height and Weight 6', 185 lbs
Status Active
Education Information
  • Private Education
  • Institut Château Beau-Cedre (Noble 'Finishing' School)
  • New Brighton Academy of Corporate Finance (Incomplete)
Employment History
  • Thief, Con-Artist, Spy
  • Crew - Red Angel (See Above)
  • Captain - Thunderchild
Personal Notes

People I'd Die For (Or With):

  • Vanessa Kaeriani - Conscience, Confidant and Romantic Interest
  • Kyronis Bledsoe - Mentor, Role Model, Benefactor and Adviser
  • Sinklar Fist - Friend, Adviser and Shipwright
  • Axel Cho - Friend, Gunsmith
  • Damian Carmichael - Friend, Armorsmith and Medical Designer/Supplier

Short Background

Born to a politically prominent and very wealthy family on Londinium, Edison Trent is guilty of being born with a proverbial 'Silver Spoon' in his mouth.


Edison Trent reaches a respectable height that stretches just over six feet tall, his medium build while youthfully trim is still robustly stout. His naturally wavy, dark brown hair is neatly kempt and well groomed, despite all attempts he might make to have it appear careless. While his sideburns, the sides and the nape of his neck are kept shorter, the much longer, thick hair atop his head is swept back out of his eyes, the sun-streaked highlights of near blonde in it showing his relative youth. Fair skinned, a deliberate shadow of stubble lines his strong jaw and firm chin. High cheeekbones serve to enhance the almost roguish grin that often curls the corners of his full lips. Analytical blue eyes are strikingly pale against his lightly tanned classically handsome features.

While well enough muscled, Trent seems more geared for stamina and fortitude than raw, brute force strength. A worn gray, short waisted and short collared BDU jacket of undeterminable origin is tailored to snuggly fit his broad shoulders. At the front of the jacket, two rectangular pockets line the chest panels, while each shoulder bares a similar, yet smaller pocket. Perhaps oddly, the jacket doesn't seem to have any buttons or a zipper, so it tends to be worn open. Visible just beneath the jacket, his well-lined chest is covered by a clean, side-buttoned white linen shirt with a short band collar. The top buttons of the shirt are left unfastened, allowing the the front panel to lay open to expose the firm lines of his throat. A pair of faded black canvas trousers are worn high on his trim waist in a venerable, time-honored fashion. A sensible style, the trousers feature three front pockets for coin and other necessities, a rivited button fly and more thickly reinforced knees. A rugged gunbelt crafted from nylon webbing and black leather hangs from his hips, its design straightforward and reliable. Standing up to the rigors of daily use, it's adorned with high impact plastic hardware and spare ammo pouches at its sides. Finally, a pair of sturdy black leather cavalry boots encase his feet protectively. Famous for their their low cut heel and calf high shaft, the look is almost iconic, while the soft rubber soles assure a sure step.