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You have decided you want to play on a MUSH. You have chosen Serenity and you have followed all the links. But you are finding that the connection and the way it displays make playing here very difficult.

The best way to play on any text based game is through a Client. There are a number of them out there: Simplemu, Mushclient, pueblo, zmud, gmud, 8bitclient and a number of others. Tinyfugue for Linux. Atlantis, Trebuchet, Cantrip for Macintosh. We'll discuss Simplemu for windows and Atlantis for Mac. With small differences, they all pretty much operate the same.



First go to the website,, and download the client. Please follow the directions. Once downloaded open Simplemu.

You will see a new window. Across the top will be the operational commands: file, edit, view, connection, preferences, game, tools, actions, worlds, windows, and help. Beneath this is a number or icons.


Click on file this will drop down a menu. click on New connection wizard,

  1. site address enter
  2. port number is 2020
  3. Leave the selection at MUsh, Mux, or Moo
  4. Give the game a name. I called mine Serenity.
  5. Finish

This will disappear and you will have a connection. type in your <connect login and password> You should be connected to the game. If you do not get connected:

  • Click on preferences
  • Click on global (this will open a new window)
  • Click on the socks support tab
  • Click on connect via proxy server. (this should fix problem. if not log on to game with telnet and ask for help).

Do not be afraid to experiment with the client.



The directions are pretty much the same on Atlantis. It is the recommended client for Macs, as it is the most robust and feature-filled, and it is actively updated by its author. If you have any questions about setting up or working with Atlantis, contact Zoe by pages or @mail. He is always happy to help out!



Remember this is just three of many. For a more complete list check out MudConnect