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Companions Guild - Application

  1. Write a *detailed* description of what your character looks like.
    IE: Clothing, body type, hair style, eye color, etc.
  2. To ensure that you have an understanding of the type of character you are apping for, please convey all of the information that you OOCly know about this class. When apping for a restricted class, it is paramount that you have full knowledge, so you can play the character accordingly and correctly.
  3. Please provide a detailed Background for your character, including how and why he/she decided to become a Companion, what their life was like before this, what their parents/guardians were like, also where your character is now at this point in their life, what their morals are, etc. Detailed means, *detailed.*
  4. Please provide examples of your RP style and ability. Scenes, poses from other MU*s are acceptable, or coming up with a unique pose/scene is also acceptable. But please, provide more than one example, in varying situations.
  5. If you are awarded this desired character/class, how do you view that you would affect/benefit the game?

Please submit your application to Nandi via @mail.