RA 'Aequitas' Bracer

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[[File:[Image Missing]|none|300px]]

Type WeaponType::Sidearm
Availability WeaponAvailability::Ultra-Rare
Cost WeaponCost::5,000
Accuracy [[WeaponAccuracy::6mm: 100% semi/95% burst
Tazer: 100% semi/95% burst]]
Weight Weight::1.35
Range WeaponRange::10/20/30
Ammo Max WeaponAmmoMax::Taser Dart Barrel (8), 6mm Barrel (12)
Modes WeaponModes::Burst, WeaponModes::Safety, WeaponModes::Semi
Skills Skills::Firearms:sidearms, Skills::Martial Arts
Ammo Use WeaponAmmoUse::0/1/3/1/4
Stun [[WeaponStun::Taser: 30 semi, 45 burst
6mm: 5 semi, 7 burst]]
Damage [[WeaponDamage::Taser: 4 semi, 4 burst
6mm: 12 semi, 15 burst]]
License Required WeaponLicenseReq::BHG Only, WeaponLicenseReq::DAS Only
Description [[WeaponDescription::Easily locked around the wrist, placed over clothing or mounted on armor, the 'Aequitas' is the perfect surprise weapon, easily concealed by a baggy sleeve. Each bracer is constructed of flexible carbon nano-weave and has a pair of small barrels that are affixed to the top with a special pad that slides into the palm for controls. Designed specifically for Alliance security and the Bounty Hunter Guild to capture fugitives, they also serve to give the hunter a constant set of weaponry that is not only difficult to detect, but near-impossible to disarm.

Borrowing heavily from the technology of the Jufeng, one barrel contains 8 Tazer darts and the other 12 6mm rounds, fired electronically. While range is limited, accuracy is aquired by a red/green laser centered between the two barrels that shows where the rounds will land when fired. Special care has been taken to make sure that the weapon cannot fire unless the hand is balled into a fist and held down so that the wielder doesn't accidentally shoot himself.]]

Picture [[WeaponPicture::[Image Missing]]]

This product is from Bounty Hunting Special Order, brought to you by Ricochet Arms.


  • Ammo type Taser Dart Barrel, Missing
  • Ammo type 6mm Barrel, Missing
  • Suggests 'Custom' as an Ammo type