Vanessa Kaeriani

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Vanessa Kaeriani
Vanessa Kaeriani
Full name Vanessa Kaeriani
Date of Birth 13.May.2494
Birthplace Persephone
Parents Siomonn Kaeriani
Siblings Cassandra Nitharial
Spouse Kyoshiro Tycho Mibu
Children Cian Siomonn Mibu

Katsumi Cassidy Mibu

Assignment Captain, Koibito No Tachi
Specialization Security and Engineering
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Blue and Red
Status Active
Employment History

Captain of the Mai Si, Chief of Security Dochasan Lasair

Personal Notes

Allergy: Most Sedatives

Once upon a time... Mechanic, Grease Monkey, Techno-brat... usually able to find a solution, but not always able to have the parts required.

Then... Captain of the Mai Si.

Now... Captain on the Koibito No Tachi.

Nickname: Nessa


Perhaps pretty enough to catch a person's gaze, and maybe even hold it for long enough that a better look is taken at her. She looks to be in her thirties, as far as age goes. Readily estimated is her height, since she's of a fairly average one, standing at about five feet and seven inches.

A light splattering of freckles touches her cheeks and nose, giving her a more girlish and innocent air than she deserves. Her skin is fair and her complexion clear. Blue eyes touched with a hint of steel's gray look out to the world, a slight slant to their set giving her a bit of an exotic appearance. A glisten of lip balm touches her lips, though there is no other colour gifted to them other than their natural one, and there is often a smile tugging at the corners of them. This woman is crowned with hair a burnished and natural shade of red, touched very lightly with blond highlights brought there by the sun's rays. Her hair reaches to her mid-back and is naturally blessed with loose curls to it. Some of said curls have been more tamed from the others, quite often been tucked behind her ears, though they tend not to stay there for long before drifting free once more, some of them falling softly across her face. Dangling from her earlobes are two pairs of earrings, the first of which is a small Celtic-style cross, and the second of which is a filigree hoop, and both sets are made of silver.

From her face, a person's gaze may be brought to travel down the smooth skin of her neck. Resting in the natural hollow of her throat is a small pewter charm of a wolf running, and it dangles from a fine pewter chain looped around her neck. Around her shoulders rests a shirt of ivory coloured cotten that buttons up her chest. The top few buttons of her shirt have been left undone to form a rough vee just at her cleavage, revealing some of her fair skin there as well. The shirt is styled to fit fairly close while still being comfortable. The sleeves button at the wrist, the fabric fairly loose from shoulder to there, a trio of buttons holding the cuff secure. Her bosom fills out her shirt, though is perhaps understated by what she wears. At the nape of her neck, mostly hidden by the lengths of her hair, a tattoo resides. Inked in colour, facing each other and the center of her neck, are a pair of Celtic knotwork dragons, and held between them is a fairly complex knotwork circle.

Below her shirt, Vanessa wears a pair of black jeans that fit her somewhat loosely, for comfort and ease of motion. The pants are a little faded with wear, but in the normal places -- a little at the knees and the front of her thighs, and a little at the rear as well. While her outfit doesn't exactly show off her womanly figure, it doesn't hide it either, nor does it hide her athletic nature. On her feet she wears a pair of black leather boots that have a half-inch heel to them, her pantlegs pulled down overtop of them.

Either worn or carried by the slender woman is a brown leather duster, and affixed to one of the lapels is a set of pewter wings. On the fingers of her right hand are a trio of rings, one on each finger except the middle one. There are no rings on her left hand.



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