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Full name Hayden S. Louvel
Date of Birth April 1, 2507
Parents Christophe & Aimée Louvel
Siblings One Unknown Half Sibling
Spouse Unwed
Assignment Combat Medic
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Dyed Red/Blonde Highlights
Height and Weight 5'8"/137 lbs
Status Active
Education Information
  • High School
  • College, pre-med
  • Osiris Medical School - Dropped Out in Last Year
Military Service


Employment History
  • Combat Medic for Thunderchild


Hayden S. Louvel

Born into a wealthy family, infused mostly with old money, she was to later find out that said money didn't come without some scandal. For the most part, she keeps her family secrets to herself. A scandal, a half sibling, it's all a bit messy.


Hayden is, like most women, complicated. She takes her job as combat medic seriously. Watchful, serious, she is also known for her flirtatious nature and a strange love/hate relationship she has with the Captain, Trent.


She's not terribly tall, but she does top out at about 5'8 without boots. With the occasional unnatural hair color, today's choice being a reddish color that fits her quite well, one might notice the shimmer of natural golden blonde that runs throughout. In length, it runs past her shoulders, full, thick and straight. Green eyes and features often given to playful and more than 'a simple' bit of makeup, most find the look alluring. Tattoos and piercings are also on the order of things you will find here, wrists, chest, upper arms and probably a few other places if one were to be so curious as to ask. A piercing on her lower lip, her mouth usually given to a bit of lipstick that isn't garish in color, she also has her nose pierced. She is slim but not skinny, curves intact.

Dressed in what might be referred to as cargo pants, there are a multitude of pockets to hide all manner of things. A thick belt is settled a little low on her hips, and depending on where she is and what she's doing she might or might NOT be wearing a gun belt with handguns. Most of the time, she can be seen wearing a weapon connected to a strap that crisscrosses her body, a RA 'Hades' Sub-Machine Gun. One might also be able to see she wears a sheer type of armor under her clothing. T-shirts make up most of her woredrobe, worn to just this side of comfortable, just shy of nearly washed and worn to death, usually some faded logo ghosting across her chest. Tank tops are another favorite, overall a very basic kind of dress; comfort over fashion. Her boots are well used but still durable, laced with a mismatched pair of laces, one purple and one bright pink. Her overall appearance, it wants to be playful, but those guns on her hips and slung across her body, those do take away from the whole 'basket of kittens' one might think of at first.

Recent History

Med school drop out, she's decided she's well enough of doing what her family what her to do. Despite their best efforts to get her to finish school and become a big famous doctor, she's taken off on her own. Recently, she's found employment with the Thunderchild as their combat medic.




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