Secret Handshake

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Secret handshake.jpg
Type WeaponType::Blade
Availability WeaponAvailability::Rare
Cost WeaponCost::800
Accuracy WeaponAccuracy::100%
Weight Weight::1.7
Range WeaponRange::0
Ammo Max WeaponAmmoMax::
Modes WeaponModes::Thrust
Skills Skills::Melee Attack, Skills::Melee Parry
Ammo Use WeaponAmmoUse::
Stun WeaponStun::8
Damage WeaponDamage::12
License Required WeaponLicenseReq::None
Description [[WeaponDescription::This is a concealable wrist sheath with a spring loaded knife built securely into a leather harness. The sheath is designed for comfort and concealment. It snugly straps around the wrist with ultra-fine Velcro for a near seamless fit under a sleeve, with reinforced leather lining and high-grade mesh to keep the knife secure and protect the wearer from the weapon's edge.

The blade is nine inches of blackened steel and looks capable of slicing a throat with the same buttery ease of a New Year roast. Not an overly complicated device, but once the knife sings out of its sheath, it gets the job done with lethal perfection.]]

Picture WeaponPicture::Secret_handshake.jpg