Secret Handshake Plus

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Secret handshake plus.jpg
Type WeaponType::Blade
Availability WeaponAvailability::Ultra-Rare
Cost WeaponCost::1950
Accuracy WeaponAccuracy::100%
Weight Weight::1.7
Range WeaponRange::0
Ammo Max WeaponAmmoMax::
Modes WeaponModes::Thrust
Skills Skills::Melee Attack, Skills::Melee Parry
Ammo Use WeaponAmmoUse::
Stun WeaponStun::8
Damage WeaponDamage::12
License Required WeaponLicenseReq::Illegal
Description [[WeaponDescription::This is a concealable wrist sheath with a spring loaded knife built securely into a leather harness. The sheath is designed for comfort and concealment. It snugly straps around the wrist with ultra-fine Velcro for a near seamless fit under a sleeve, with reinforced leather lining and high-grade mesh to keep the knife secure and protect the wearer from the weapon's edge.

The blade is nine inches of blackened ceramic and poly blend, and is designed to not set off weapon scanners. This highly concealable little trick is also highly lethal, and highly illegal almost everywhere in the Verse.]]

Picture WeaponPicture::Secret_handshake_plus.jpg